Bathrobe — Stella Pink

by Tekla

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Located in the hills of Braga and Guimaraes in Portugal, Tekla's terry collection is produced by one of Europe's finest manufacturers within its field.

The production is Oeko-tex certified to be free of harmful chemicals, meaning that all Tekla products only have a healthy impact on the body. Furthermore, the manufacturer is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS. Besides ensuring a high quality of the fabrics, the GOTS certificate also requires a high standard of craftsmanship and continuous production control.

The oversized bathrobe in 385g European terry embraces your body with its soft, thick and casual cut featuring deep pockets and a heavy hoodie. 

When using terry products every day, it is important that they be cared for so they continue to be soft and easy on the skin as well as highly absorbent for practical use. Inspired from ancestors advise, Tekla recommends to soak the new terry in cold water for 24 hours before the first wash. This to best ensure the best possible absorbency and strength of the terry.

Small Sleeve 60cm / Length 110cm / Chest 60cm
Medium Sleeve 62cm / Length 115cm / Chest 62cm
Large Sleeve 64cm / Length 120cm / Chest 64cm
Origin Portugal
Material Oeko-tex certified 385g European cotton terry

Care Instructions
Wash at low temperatures to protect the environment.
Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls.
Use natural detergent for long lasting great feel
If a loop snags, please cut it, don’t pull it.
Avoid using softener and bleachers.

Tekla believes that textiles possess an essential role in each home.

Textiles can alter the atmosphere and change the way in which you perceive your private space. This is their raison d’être: to show the importance of home textiles and how they, subtle as loud, can make a difference in your everyday life.

Based in Copenhagen, Tekla was founded with the objective of conceiving the best bed linen possible. Their intent is to accentuate the natures of the fabric and their inherent qualities.

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