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Simple doesn’t have to be uniform, and regular needn’t be predictable. These box-shelves certainly come at you from an angle. Distinctive cutaways let you see and access the contents from the side, and their unusual lines means they work great as an ensemble. Rotate one 90 degrees, and the amount of light entering the box subtly changes. 

Treat your wall like a canvas by mixing and matching colours – the back plate is magnetic and easy to remove. Whether you’re going for cosy, fresh or classic, restrained or exuberant, each colour casts its own aura, depending on the light striking the different colours of the powder-coated steel back plates.

On their own or in combination, they’re a striking blend of the practical and aesthetic; a modular shelf system. Straight? No. Straightforward, yes. *‘skewed’

The Wall Box ships with a matching back plate. You can buy additional Wall Box Back Plates here

The Wall Box mounts with a French Cleat hanger attached to the wall with 3 screws. All 4 sides of the wall box can attach to the mount. 

Material Powder coated steel
Made in Denmark

Height: 33 cm / 13"
Width: 33 cm / 13"
Depth: 32 cm / 12.6" 

Ludvig Storm
Copenhagen, Denmark

Ludvig Storm's work encompasses product design, graphic design and decoration. He crafts objects that actively engage with and alter the spaces they inhabit. His finished products are challenging and edgy, and you get the feeling he follows his own rules.

Please Wait to be Seated
Copenhagen, Denmark

Will this design in its entirety, become a long lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?

This is a question PWtbS asks before launching each product. Based in Copenhagen and founded by renown interior photographer Thomas Ibsen, PWtbS' goal is to introduce designs that have the potential of becoming classics.

The collection has its own characteristics with a focus on interaction, good craftsmanship, quality, materials and sustainability in terms of durable design.

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