Triptych Nesting Table - Brown Marble

by Please Wait To Be Seated

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A table inside a table inside a table. Infatuated by the number three, the Danish design studio All the way to Paris started to draw up the first lines of Triptych for PLEASE WAIT two be SEATED. Like a Russian matryoshka doll the tables store under one another.

The silhouette of the frame originates from three lines which together creates an N-shape and gives the tables a characteristic frame. Thus, it was natural to call the table for Triptych. A concept also used in the art world when talking about a three-piece art work. On the airy lacquered steel frame in green cedar is the heavy monaco brown marble table tops, each of which is unique in structure and color. When pulling out the tables and separating them from each other, you get the full enjoyment of the surfaces, and room for an extra guest.

Triptych nesting tables from PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED with a full set of three tables.

All The Way To Paris
Inspired by the modern urban environment, the Copenhagen-based ‘ALL THE WAY TO PARIS’ studio has established itself at the place where art direction, graphic design and product design development align. Since 2005, Tanja Vibe and Petra Olsson Gendt have been generating fresh design and product ideas that share a clear, intelligent and uncluttered visual identity.

Monaco Brown Marble
Powder coated steel and marble
SKU 1007000
37 x 41 x 57 cm
14.6 x 16.2 x 22.4"
Made in China

Delivered in 2 packages. 1 with table top and 1 with with frames.


Will this design in its entirety, become a long lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?

This is a question PWtbS asks before launching each product. Based in Copenhagen and founded by renown interior photographer Thomas Ibsen, PWtbS' goal is to introduce designs that have the potential of becoming classics.

The collection has its own characteristics with a focus on interaction, good craftsmanship, quality, materials and sustainability in terms of durable design.

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