Paper Collective

Good Design. Good Causes.

Paper Collective brings together some of the worlds leading designers, artists and illustrators to create inspirational and iconic graphic prints and products while promoting great causes and charities.

For every print they sell they donate 10% to a good cause chosen by the artist. In addition, each print is made on sustainable paper stock in Denmark.

You can browse and shop the entire Paper Collective collection with your considered account, but here are some highlights.

Floating Leaves

A collaboration between three Copenhagen-based design companies; Art print house Paper Collective, the renowned design studio Norm Architects and Moebe comes a brand new series of transparent botanic photography specially created for our frame.

moebe paper collective floating leaves canada toronto

Floating Leaves, as they are called, gives the illusion of a real leaf. By using UV print, it is possible to print a photograph onto transparent foil, thereby utilising the unique transparent character of the Moebe frame.

With Floating Leaves you can now invite nature inside, but without having to think about maintenance.

Wrong Geometry

paper collective wrong studio toronto canada copenhagen

Part of the Paper Collective for MENU collection, Wrong Geometry is a joint project with the Danish design company MENU in support of Charity Water designed by Danish design studio, Wrong.


norm architects toronto canada paper collective 


paper collective toronto canada


Hazy Sun

All The Way To Paris is one of our favorite Scandinavian graphic design studios. Through their strong graphics and soft, elegant touches, they have long been the preferred partner of a range of top lifestyle and fashion brands. The last few years their graphic design products in paper and textile have been sold through the world’s best design shops through succesful collaborations with producers such as HAY and &Tradition.  

all the way to paris toronto canada danish design


paper collective toronto canada


 pape collective toronto canada

paper collective toronto canada

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